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Dr. Craig
A. Zabala
The Concorde Group, Inc. is a holding company that provides high quality financial services to Middle Market businesses and investors. The Middle Market is defined as small and mid-sized public and private companies, aspiring and successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial companies, and venture companies with impressive track records and solid business models.

Concorde focuses on companies with less than $250 million in market capitalization. Concorde also seeks opportunistic, special situations. Concorde strategy includes syndicating deals with institutions and individuals having an interest in investing in such businesses.

Concorde is building its Middle Market banking efforts in order to expand into Europe and Asia in investment banking, merchant banking, fixed income sales and trading, equity sales, and asset management. In addition, Concorde intends to build a commercial finance/leasing capability as an alternative financing source. We want our clients to have the opportunity to take advantage of our specialized commercial banking capabilities. The asset management strategy is designed to complement venture capital and merchant banking capabilities in order to assist Middle Market entities, sourced by our investment banking operation and external conduit sources. In order to provide a more complete portfolio of investment opportunities for our investor clientele, Concorde will continue to introduce state-of-the-market products for such investors in the public and private equity and fixed income sectors.